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     Hey my blog followers! Welcome to my new blog. I decided to delete my old blog and start fresh in this new year. I believe this is going to be a great new year to be positive and to think clearly of every decisions one can make. Now… what I have been doing all this time since my last blog? Well… I’m still working out hard to get in better shape; I’ve been doing for six weeks the Push and Pull workout. Oh my it was intense but so good. Now I’m back to my original routine and following my friend’s Alexis suggestions so I can keep moving forward.
     Back in December 2010, I got the chance to have an appointment with Deco Models in South Beach… I was at first nervous, but it went great. The owner like my look and want to represent me. Only problem is that I need to update my portfolio. Since then, been trying to network as much as possible to see if I can book with photographers that are interested in working with me to update the photographer’s portfolio and mine. At the moment I have three photographers that are interested in working with me, so that is a great sign. But for the mean time I’ll continue to concentrate in getting in better shape.

Thanks to all in advance for reading and supporting my blog! And for those that never checked out my older blog I will copy and paste all the info so you can see what I was doing last year.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally an Update!!!!!


      I know! I know what are you thinking…. why it took me so long to update my blog? Well the reason it has taken me so long is because I want to post the images from my recent photoshoot with Jeffrey Rich.

     Patience is a virtue and the photos are coming soon!!  LOL But for the mean time I’ll be posting two images from the shoot. They are not edited, but serve as a tease.  

     The shoot was amazing and had a lot of fun doing it. You will see a different Sergio C in body and attitude. Progress has been incredible!!

     The shoot was held in Jeffrey’s studio at Oviedo, FL on October 12, 2010. Before the shoot I was able to get photo ready thanks to my hair stylist Luisa Valdes from Lunatic Fringe Salon and also for Alexis (ANS) to push me hard in the day before to make sure I look my very best.

      I’m still working out, getting as lean and toned as possible before I start gaining lean muscle mass.

     Since the day after the photoshoot, my workout has changed, diet still the same, but eating larger portions.  Beginning to see that my weight is starting to go up. During the last week of November, I will start a more aggressive workout that is going to he
     Patience, sacrifice and lots of hard work are paying off!!  I’ll keep you posted!! 

My First Tear Sheet!!!!!

Last month I received my very first tear sheet at the September 2010 Issue of the Orlando Style Magazine. I was one of the nine models chosen to compete for the Model Search of the Month of September. I REALLY want to thank to everybody who voted for me everyday and for all your support. Unfortunately after being the model with most votes, I wasn’t chosen to be the model of the month. I know! I felt disappointed just like all of you too; but this things happens. So is just another rock in the road. LOL At least it got me some exposure and hey! my very first tear sheet. Not only that; it also showed me that I have so much support and love from so many people! 🙂 THANK YOU TO ALL!!!!!!


My Body Progress Thanks to ANS!

Just like I mentioned in my previous post; I’ve been struggling in getting in better shape. I know! I know! Must of you out there had told me that I don’t need to be in great shape… but honestly I have to. How many castings I’ve gone and don’t get the job because I don’t have a 6 pack abs? So the truth is I need to have a body that is fit and in shape. Not really into getting big and bulky, but to get lean muscle and ripped. Still be able to do fashion and throw in some underwear/swimwear shoots too. So after so much frustration…. one day I go to Advance Nutrition Store located here in Celebration and met the owner (Alexis)… after a few weeks he told me I was talking the wrong combination of supplements…oopsss!!!!!! LOL So thanks to him, he gave me a diet, supplement, and workout plan. In August 30, I started my new workout routine with Alexis and it’s been great! Two weeks after that, our mutual friend, Ramon joined us and that’s how Team ANS became to be. I haven’t reached my desired goal of 170 lbs of lean ripped muscle… but the progress has been great. My weight was 150 lbs in August 30; my current weight is 137.5 lbs. Starting this week I’m starting to do a more intense weight lifting workout to help get light bulk and also help my abs to come out. Can’t wait to see the result at the end of the week. Very excited that I’m looking good for next photo shoot.

UPDATE: Here I’m posting pics from Week 1 (Before) and Week 5 (Current)…. excuse the hair. LOL Not a morning person! Specially when is Sunday. LOL LOL LOL (First three are from Week 1, last Three Week 5)

Welcome to my Official Blog!!!!


I created this blog with the purpose to share my experience and progress in my modeling career. I became interested in modeling since 2006, when an ex-model agent approach me and asked me if I ever considered being a model. At that time I was very surprised, but listened to his pointers. I mentioned this to my friend Adrian and suggested me to do it…he also offered to be my photographer and get a portfolio started. After that I started to work with various photographers and with each experience I learned something new. I always try to re-invent myself, have different looks (be versatile)…but always struggled with getting in great shape. But recently I met the owner (Alexis) of Advance Nutrition Store here in the Town of Celebration, FL and told him my goals. On August 2010, Alexis created a diet, supplement, and workout plan to follow; since then I’ve been noticing changes in my body. This month will have a photo shoot with Photographer Jeffrey Rich from Orlando, FL…even though I wont reach my desire goal for this shoot…I will definitely look great and ready for this shoot. Can’t Wait!!!!


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