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Week One of New Routine….   Leave a comment

Happy Easter to all my readers! So Week One of my new routine is over…. Now 5 more weeks to go. During this week (a.k.a., Week A) I worked out each muscle per day (7 days). Working out without taking a pre-workout supplement seems to feel a bit difficult, but I still manage in doing a great workout. For each exercise I will only do 3 sets (4 to 6 reps); lifting heavy and resting in between of 2 minutes. Been eating more foods since I started my new diet and was expecting to start gaining weight….. unfortunately I lost 3 lbs 😦 …… maybe I need to ask my friend Alexis if it’s normal to loose at first before starting to gain. So my current weight this morning was of 133 lbs. 

Now for next week (Week B) I will have a few days off and will be working out various muscle groups on the same day. Will let you know how everything goes and see if I finally start gaining some weight. 
See ya later! Take care 🙂 

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New Workout Routine and Diet!   Leave a comment

So….after enjoying a week off from working out and the diet….it is time to go back to it 100%. Now that I have no photo shoots schedule for this month and the next, this will give me time to start bulking up in size. But when I say bulking up it means add lean muscle mass, keeping the leanness of what I already have. Yesterday I was chatting with my friend Alexis (Trainer/Nutritionist) and we were discussing my new meal plan and workout routine. Today I start my new diet plan in which is going to consist in eating tons of food, more carbs, protein, and some good fats in there too. Is going to be a little bit tough to eat so much food on the first meal of the day, but that is why I’m starting my diet today, before I head to the gym on Monday. Talking about the gym, I start a new routine in which is going to last for 6 weeks. Is going to consist of 2 rotating schedules, Week A; workout per muscle group (7 Days) and Week B; 3 Days working out. My current weight is 136 lbs…. I will be posting more often about my progress each week and take some pics too.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. 🙂

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Join my OMG Entourage!   Leave a comment

Probably you already received an email about an OMG Application… yes I did send it. I’m asking to all my friends to join my entourage and help me in the top spot. Just takes a minute to join as a fan.

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Still enjoying my week off   Leave a comment

I’m still enjoying my week off, from no workout and enjoying food….but soon that will change and a new workout routine and diet will begin. Can’t wait to see how much my body will change during this new routine. For the meantime here I’m posting a before and after shots.




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Edited Images   Leave a comment

Here I’m posting two edited images from my recent photoshoot. Hope you like them. Also, after working out and dieting very hard since last August…. my trainer/nutritionist told me to take an entire week off from working out and to enjoy food. I know this is going to be a little bit weird for me… but I will enjoy my time off. Next week will be starting a complete intense workout routine and a very different diet. No detail, but I think is going to hurt. LMAO.

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More unedited Images   1 comment

Here I’m posting some other unedited images from this weekend photoshoot. Hope you like it all. Comments always welcome.

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Update: Photoshoot with Michael Huitt!   Leave a comment

Hey guys! Today shoot went great too. It started indoor and later we went to Melbourne area and got really good shots. But for those of you that are dying to see the images here is a sneak peek of the photoshoot from yesterday. REMEMBER: This images are not edited yet and are copyright Michael Huitt. Hope you like them.

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