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So….after enjoying a week off from working out and the diet….it is time to go back to it 100%. Now that I have no photo shoots schedule for this month and the next, this will give me time to start bulking up in size. But when I say bulking up it means add lean muscle mass, keeping the leanness of what I already have. Yesterday I was chatting with my friend Alexis (Trainer/Nutritionist) and we were discussing my new meal plan and workout routine. Today I start my new diet plan in which is going to consist in eating tons of food, more carbs, protein, and some good fats in there too. Is going to be a little bit tough to eat so much food on the first meal of the day, but that is why I’m starting my diet today, before I head to the gym on Monday. Talking about the gym, I start a new routine in which is going to last for 6 weeks. Is going to consist of 2 rotating schedules, Week A; workout per muscle group (7 Days) and Week B; 3 Days working out. My current weight is 136 lbs…. I will be posting more often about my progress each week and take some pics too.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. 🙂


Posted April 13, 2011 by sergiocmodel4u in Gym, Modeling Career

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