Week One of New Routine….   Leave a comment

Happy Easter to all my readers! So Week One of my new routine is over…. Now 5 more weeks to go. During this week (a.k.a., Week A) I worked out each muscle per day (7 days). Working out without taking a pre-workout supplement seems to feel a bit difficult, but I still manage in doing a great workout. For each exercise I will only do 3 sets (4 to 6 reps); lifting heavy and resting in between of 2 minutes. Been eating more foods since I started my new diet and was expecting to start gaining weight….. unfortunately I lost 3 lbs 😦 …… maybe I need to ask my friend Alexis if it’s normal to loose at first before starting to gain. So my current weight this morning was of 133 lbs. 

Now for next week (Week B) I will have a few days off and will be working out various muscle groups on the same day. Will let you know how everything goes and see if I finally start gaining some weight. 
See ya later! Take care 🙂 

Posted April 24, 2011 by sergiocmodel4u in Gym, Modeling Career

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