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Yesterday I told Alexis that I didn’t gain weight, but lost 1 lbs…. he said it was ok… now I have to increase the portions of my main meals and start taking Serious Mass (weight gainer 1200 calories) 2 1/2 servings a day. So this will help me gain mass fast. I guess I just reached the level that I have to work even harder to gain mass and expand my body frame. This week will try even harder to lift heavier. Wish me luck! 😉

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Morning readers! Here’s this week update….on Wednesday my weight was 145.5 lbs; an increase of 5 lbs since last Sunday. Unfortunately today I checked my weight and the result is 144.5 lbs…. hmmmm what just happened? Is it time to shock the body? hmmmm I shall wait to what Alexis says to me. Will keep you updated on what will happen next.


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Finally today I got my haircut!!!! Woohoo!!!! I feel purdy! I want to thanks my hairstylist Luisa for the wonderful haircut. So here is a pic I took today showing my new haircut, but also decided to take it shirtless so you can see my body progress. Tomorrow will be weighting myself… hopefully I’ll keep gaining good weight. And talking about weight…. hmmmmm I’m hungry.

So what do you think?

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It’s Week 5!!!!!!   1 comment

Soooooooo… Is that day of the week again and very excited about it. During the week I was told to start checking my weight twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday). As you know last Sunday my weight was 138 lbs… on Wednesday my weight went up to 139lbs. Today I gained 2.5lbs more (141.5lbs). I’m so amazed how my body is gaining weight fast. And people are starting to notice I’m beginning to expand a little. I can feel it in the shirts I wear too. YAY!!!! Just feel fat. LOL But is ok… after I reach a weight goal of 155lbs to 160lbs, I’ll start shredding so I’ll be ready for my next photoshoot or photoshoots.

This week’s workout has been Week A schedule; working out 7 days a week, lifting heavy, 4 sets…. I even hurt my lower back Wednesday while working out legs (must be careful), but was able to complete my workout. Today I’ll be doing abs… so wish me luck in doing a good one. LOL

In other news…. I need a freaking haircut!!!! LOL I hope I get my hairstylist Luisa V to tell me when she is available this week so I can look purdy.

Till next time my readers!!!

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     Morning to all my readers! Hope everybody is doing well. So like I mentioned last week, I was frustrated because instead of gaining weight I lost weight; dropping my weight to 135 lbs. After writing the post, my friend Alexis (Nutritionist and Trainer) talked to me and decided to add to my diet a shitload of supplements to help me  gain weight. So now I’m taking creatine monohydrate before and after working out, arginine, milk thistle, Omega 3:6:9, Myofiber, and soon will be back on halovar and testosterone (don’t have the money right now).
     Also Alexis told me to start working out in the evenings instead of going in the morning…. I used to workout an hour and half later after my first big meal. So…. after making all this changes finally the weighting day has arrived and happy to say I GAINED some pounds…. from 135 lbs last week to a now 138 lbs. YAY!!!!!! This week I worked out on Week B schedule, still training to increase weighs per week and less reps. I’m so ready for next week and hopefully I can buy the halovar and testosterone supplements I need to continue my transformation.
      I really want to be ready for the summer and be able to have another great shoot with my photographer friends Michael Huitt and Desi Hyter. Well time for me to go…. tonight working out my back, biceps, and abs.

TTYL and hope to see you again next week. 😉

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Good Afternoon my fellow followers!!!! Another week has ended and today is my weighting day….. and the result is…… I lost one freaking pound!!! From 136 lbs last week to 135 lbs….. WHAT THE F**K!!!!! Well trying not to get frustrated about that….. let’s move what I did during the week. So this week been working out a muscle group per day (Week A). Still eating big portions of food, taking my mass peak (weight gainer), and lifting as heavy as I can go.

So next week is Week B! Let’s how everything goes and see if I can gain a few pounds! TTYL!!!

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Week Two   2 comments

     Good Morning my awesome readers!!!! Today marks the end of week two and that means; today is weighting day!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!! LOL Well I just weighted myself and went from 133 lbs to 135.5 lbs. That means it’s finally happening I’m gaining some weight. Still eating more foods, taking my Mass Peak (weight gainer), and lifting as heavy I can lift. Week B of my routine was interesting…. Monday and Tuesday was off from the gym, Wednesday I worked out only Chest (Bench Press), Shoulders (Military Press), and Triceps (Triceps Rope Pull Down & Dips with a 45 lbs plate strapped to my waist). For each exercise I did 3 sets; I increased weights per set. Thursday was off again and Friday I did Legs…. then Saturday I did 2 exercises for Back and 2 for Biceps. Also worked on my abs on those three days. Today Sunday is my day off. but getting ready for next week. Will do my best to lift heavier and get in better shape. 

     Well I can’t wait to see more definition on my body and see if I’ll be photo ready for upcoming shoots. There’s  a big chance I’ll be working again with NYC photographer Michael Huitt and also CA photographer Desi Hyter, this summer. Hope I can do this. Wish me luck.

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