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     Good Morning my awesome readers!!!! Today marks the end of week two and that means; today is weighting day!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!! LOL Well I just weighted myself and went from 133 lbs to 135.5 lbs. That means it’s finally happening I’m gaining some weight. Still eating more foods, taking my Mass Peak (weight gainer), and lifting as heavy I can lift. Week B of my routine was interesting…. Monday and Tuesday was off from the gym, Wednesday I worked out only Chest (Bench Press), Shoulders (Military Press), and Triceps (Triceps Rope Pull Down & Dips with a 45 lbs plate strapped to my waist). For each exercise I did 3 sets; I increased weights per set. Thursday was off again and Friday I did Legs…. then Saturday I did 2 exercises for Back and 2 for Biceps. Also worked on my abs on those three days. Today Sunday is my day off. but getting ready for next week. Will do my best to lift heavier and get in better shape. 

     Well I can’t wait to see more definition on my body and see if I’ll be photo ready for upcoming shoots. There’s  a big chance I’ll be working again with NYC photographer Michael Huitt and also CA photographer Desi Hyter, this summer. Hope I can do this. Wish me luck.


Posted May 1, 2011 by sergiocmodel4u in Gym, Modeling Career

2 responses to “Week Two

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  1. Sergio, you are magnificent, great job on the physique my friend!

  2. Thank you Neil… still trying to get better at it.

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