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     Today is disappointing for me. My current weight is 150 lbs (153 lbs on Wednesday), so I lost 3 lbs since my last weigh in. Was looking forward in seeing a 155lbs, but didn’t happen. 😦 Well moving on…. still eating my 6 meals a day; breakfast being the biggest meal of all! Also taking my Serious Mass (weight gainer) with my breakfast, pre and post workout, and before going to bed.

     Also since Monday I started a new workout routine. From now on I’m working out 4 days a week, lifting heavy and doing 6 exercises per muscle.
                               * Day 1: Chest
                               * Day 2: Legs
                               * Day 3: Off
                               * Day 4: Shoulders
                               * Day 5: Back
                               * Day 6 & 7: Off


Posted June 12, 2011 by sergiocmodel4u in Gym, Modeling Career

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