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Loosing weight so fast….. not Bueno!!!!   Leave a comment

     As I mentioned in my last post (Monday, August 15, 2011), I started on that day a new routine and diet so I can start getting lean but to be able to keep most of my gains. But my weight started to drop rapidly after that:
* Sunday, August 14: 165 lbs
* Wednesday, August 17: 160.5 lbs
* Sunday, August 21: 160 lbs
* Wednesday, August 24: 157.5 lbs
*Sunday, August 28: 155.5 lbs

     Seeing this makes me feel very frustrated because after all that hard work trying to gain 30 + pounds seems to be a total waste. 😦 The shirts and t-shirts that started to feel tight around chest, back, arms are no longer tight. Even though I’m happy that around my waist is getting back to normal. LOL. Been following my nutritionist instructions but apparently my body is retarded. Sooooooo today Monday, August 29, I started to change my diet but this time only eating three big meals a day instead of six meals like before. In between meals I’ll be taking a protein shake. Also will be taking 10 grams of creatine instead of 5 grams of creatine daily.

     I really hope this stops my body of loosing weight, but also gain a little back again. Now for the routine part…. I started doing abs again after months of not doing any abs on August 15, and it was painful! Trying to do 1,000 abs is not easy! That day I was only able to do 450 at the gym and 50 more and the house, but had to stop because I got nasty cramps around my lower abs and wasn’t able to move at least 10 minutes. So on my next two days of abs in that first week I was able to build up until finally on the Monday of the second week I was able to do a complete 1,000 abs workout. Very proud of myself for that! Also what was difficult for me to get back was the interval cardio workouts, but I started to building up and now I’m back doing 15 reps. Woohoo!!!!

     So this is my update…. it’s a bitter sweet one, but I really hope my body starts responding so I can get ready for my next photoshoot.


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It’s been forever….but I’m finally here!!!!   Leave a comment

Hey my readers…. it’s been forever since my last post. Just have so much in mind that I didn’t had time to sit and write on my blog. But let’s get started. As you know back in April I got the great opportunity in working with my friend Michael Huitt from NYC. Back then, my weight was only 134 lbs… and I was shredded. After that I started to concentrate in bulking up a little bit, by changing my diet and workout routine. The goal that my friend Alexis told me was to reach 170 lbs. Two Sundays ago, I was able to reach the weight of 169.5 lbs. By Wednesday and this last Sunday I drop to 165.5 lbs.

Today I started a new routine and diet plan so I can start shredding again, but be able to keep my current weight. I have to eat 60 grams of protein per meal (chicken, certain fish, lean meats) and also very few carbs;  only limited to oats, sweet potatoes, and baked potatoes. Supplements that I’ll be taking is creatine in my pre and post workout and a protein shake that I’ll be taking with most of my meals so I can reach the 60g of protein I need to take each meal.

Now, my workout routine is very similar to what I was doing the past month or so…., but now I’m adding 3 days of abs and two days of interval cardio. This is my workout routine:
                                                      Monday: Chest (6 exercises, heavy)  & Abs
                                                      Tuesday: Legs (6 exercises, heavy)
                                                      Wednesday: Abs
                                                      Thursday: Shoulders (6 exercises, heavy) & Cardio
                                                      Friday: Back (6 exercises, heavy) & Abs
                                                      Saturday: Cardio
                                                      Sunday: Off
Well wish me luck…. I’ll try to keep my blog updated at least once a week. Hopefully I’ll be able to post pics of my progress very soon.

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