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A week of gains…….   Leave a comment

Salutations to all my followers! Hope all of you had a great weekend. So….. why it’s been a week of gains for me? Back in January 22 (Sunday) my weigh in was of 159 lbs; yeah I was feeling so frustrated because of my weight keeps moving up and down like a roller coaster ride. But this last week, things changed for me and I’ll explained why. On Tuesday and Friday evening got my first two training session from personal trainer Ramon Torres, that currently works at Celebration Fitness Center and Day Spa. It definitely feels great to workout with someone that can push you farther in reaching your goals. Did Back and Biceps on Tuesday and then Chest and Triceps on Friday. Of course in other days I did my own stuff, but definitely I was feeling the burn those days. LOL

My diet still the same, courtesy of my friend and nutritionist Alexis, who I appreciate a lot for helping me too reach my goals. Thanks man 🙂 On Wednesday (January 25) my weight went up to 160.5 lbs and today’s weigh in was of 161 lbs. Feeling excited about this gains, can’t wait to reach the final result to be back again in front of the camera in which I horribly miss. Tomorrow’s workout is going to be Legs!!!! Something tells me that Ramon is going to torture me in this one. LOL….. But you know what????? Bring it on mijo!!!!! LMAO 
Hopefully I’ll be able to start posting pictures of my progress. Please visit Ramon’s facebook page and contact him for any questions you got about fitness. 
Until next time. 🙂 

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Wow!!!! is 2012 and I haven’t posted anything since……..   Leave a comment

AUGUST!!!!! Yes my friends…. nothing at all. For those who follow me on facebook, you know it’s been a roller coaster for me to reach my goal. My goal is to reach the weight of 170 lbs, so later I can get shredded again and be photo ready to do shoots and finally do a dramatic update in my portfolio, so I can finally submit for representation in better agencies. Now, because I have a high metabolism it has taken way too long…. and I know, it takes time…. Rome wasn’t built in one day. But come on!!!!! This is costing me auditions and possible paid gigs too. An example was back in December, that someone approach me for CK Underwear audition, I clearly told the person I was still training and didn’t possessed any underwear pics to show…… but after a while I was  asked to send a quick snap shot in underwear to be considered….. you know what? it didn’t happened, because I’m not in the shape I’m suppose to be. Last Wednesday; my weigh in was of 159.5 lbs…. tomorrow is my next weigh in…. so let’s see what happens.

I know that most of you tells me that I’m being hard on myself…. but those of you that are in the industry knows how “bitchy” things are. That’s why I get so frustrated in not finally reaching my goal. I want to be able to look better than my last shoot and be able to finally get some work done too. After all,  I enjoy being in front of the camera and I miss it way too much.

I’ll definitely will do my very best in posting in my blog more frequently as I keep progressing.

Have a wonderful evening my friends. 🙂

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