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     Hello again my followers! Hope you are doing well. So let’s talk about my progress from last week…. On Wednesday I dropped from 162 lbs to 160.5 lbs…. yes very frustrating; but after that my trainer decided to change my workout days and now I’m only working out Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with a light cardio on Sundays. Also Ramon decided to change my workout a bit, in which it makes it challenging and good for me to keep growing. After that, my weigh in on Sunday went up to 161 lbs and today’s weigh in went up to 162 lbs. Hopefully my weight keeps going up in muscle mass, not as fat. 

     Now a few days ago,  photographer Michael Thomas contacted me about my blog and share with me that it lacks photos of me to showcase my progress. He explained to me that “modeling is a visual concept and less verbal”; in which I completely agree with. So explained to him that yes I’ll be posting pics of my progress but wanted to wait a few more weeks so I can show better my progress. LOL I just don’t want to post pics of me and looking horrible. LOL But just stay tuned hopefully I’ll get a few pics together so I can share my progress. Hope to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to post comments. 🙂 

Also…. if you need a good trainer check out my trainer’s facebook page Trainer’s Facebook Page

Posted February 22, 2012 by sergiocmodel4u in Gym, Modeling Career

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