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     Salutations my followers! Hope everybody is doing well and enjoying the Leap Day Today. Wish I could be right now at the Magic Kingdom to celebrate the Leap Day…. but ain’t gonna happen LOL. What’s the results of this week weigh-in? Well not that good…. On Sunday my weight dropped to 161 lbs and today my weight dropped to 159 lbs……. NOT BUENO!!! On Sunday my trainer Ramon, suggested me to start taking a lean gainer that he personally use to help me get some gains. I just got it yesterday and today started drinking the shakes. I’m also waiting for my good friend/nutritionist Alexis to change my diet so I can get results too. 

     On the training side everything is going well; Ramon keeps pushing me to do better and according to him I better come prepare for Friday….. Legs day….. uh oh!!!! I think no more chicken legs. LMAO But you know how it is…. no pain, no gain! 
     I hope by next month to start posting some pics of before and after so you guys can see the progress and share with me your opinions. Well time for me to get ready to hit the gym. Is shoulders and abs today. Until next time. 

Posted February 29, 2012 by sergiocmodel4u in Gym, Modeling Career

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