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I always ask myself….. Sergio, should I keep modeling? Am I wasting my time with modeling? I’ve been interested in modeling for a few years now. Had the chance to work with so many great people…. but sometimes I feel that I’m going nowhere. I know! I know! The Orlando market sucks for being a model and it would be great to try the NYC market for a change…. but I feel that my portfolio doesn’t have what it takes to be noticed. I would love to push my portfolio to that level; but photographers that I would love to work with are in other states. Others in the state of Florida won’t work with me because I don’t have the body to do so. Also there’s the money issues…. can’t travel because can’t afford it or can’t pay photographer because I can’t afford it.

Then, there’s my height and/or my body. I know I can’t do runway and fashion because I’m only 5’10”, so I always discard that option. But then there’s my body progress, I was shredded before but been trying to bulk up and my body always act stupid. LOL But oh well let’s see what happens next.

So I always wonder what everybody really think…. Should I keep modeling or not?


Posted September 25, 2012 by sergiocmodel4u in Modeling Career

One response to “Take my Poll!

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  1. Certainly keep modeling, u have drive and determination and a unkque look.

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