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Hello my followers! As I promised….trying my best to keep the blog updated of what’s going on in my road in the modeling industry. On Monday I started a new workout routine courtesy of my friend Alexis. Staying focused also in my diet…even though sometimes I just want to simply pig out and have a few good drinks!!! But one must sacrifice and stay discipline if you want to reach a goal.
Now to explain the title of this posting…. the past few weeks I’ve been thinking hard on concentrating more on my modeling goals (i.e., working with as many photographers as possible to update book, send out pics, network more, etc.). At the moment I have two photographers interested in working with me in the next few weeks here in the Orlando area. Just need to polish details and what kind of concepts they want to portray. One the photographers is a friend of mine; Hector Perez. He recently told me that he completely determine in pursuing his dreams as a photographer and producer. So is going to be awesome to see the magic we can create as a team. Also my good friend Desi from San Jose, CA (Zedneram Photography) contacted me about finally working together in a project of his, that he wants me to be part of and I feel very excited and honored to be part of. So soon will be traveling to the Bay Area to work with Desi and also planning if I can get to work with other photographers in that area too.
Feel very determined this time around and really hope to stay motivated to see it happening. Hope everybody has a great rest of week and weekend. Here is a picture of my progress.



Posted April 11, 2013 by sergiocmodel4u in Gym, Modeling Career, Photoshoot

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