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Hello my blog readers! Hope Everybody is enjoying this Cinco de Mayo Weekend LOL. Please be safe! Don’t drink and drive.

Yes! You read right! I had my very first test shoot of the year. My good friend Hector, finally decided to pursue his dream in photography and production. And last Tuesday he asked me if I could work with him in a Test Shoot…. it was last minute, but agreed in doing it. I truly missed being in front of the camera. I felt rusty and unprepared…. I normally like to prepare for a shoot in terms of diet. Even though it was a bit difficult for me to concentrate, I was very happy to finally work with Hector. We’re definitely working again very soon in a shoot that he is planning to do. I’m really looking forward in working together again and with the rest of the team. You are welcome to like Hector’s Photography Facebook Page.

In other news; Desi (Zedneram Imagery) from San Jose, CA offered me to work with him again for a Photo Book Project he is personally preparing. I feel so excited and honored that I will get to work with this fantastic photographer and friend. Due that he is getting his show ready for opening on June 22 and other engagements; we’ll be working together sometime in July of this year. While in the Bay Area I’ll be also working with Photographer/Jewelry Designer/ Wardrobe Stylist Anchi Li in which I can’t wait to finally meet and work together. He is another excellent talented and great person; we been talking forever and never had the chance to finally work together. Really looking forward in seeing how my portfolio will evolve working with Anchi and feel very honored for his great interest in helping me evolve as a model. I really hope to also work with as many talents in the Bay Area and start the road to a new direction.

Until I finally fly over to California; I’ve been talking with photographers locally and trying to set photo shoots as much as possible. I really want to showcase my hard work and current look so I can update my portfolio and also be able to practice and learn in front of the camera.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!



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Keep Moving Forward…..   Leave a comment

Salutations my followers!

A few days ago I had to take the difficult decision regarding my day job. After working there for 2 years and feeling very unhappy I decided to leave.

Now with that said I realized is time to “keep moving forward”…. in the past few years I’ve been feeling unsuccessful in pushing through with my modeling career. Now for the first time I feel very confident and willing to give 110%. I’m really hoping in the coming weeks will be traveling to the Bay Area at Cali and embark in a new journey. I’ll keep you all posted.

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

― Walter E. Disney


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Hmm are things finally getting better for my career?   Leave a comment

Hello my followers! As I promised….trying my best to keep the blog updated of what’s going on in my road in the modeling industry. On Monday I started a new workout routine courtesy of my friend Alexis. Staying focused also in my diet…even though sometimes I just want to simply pig out and have a few good drinks!!! But one must sacrifice and stay discipline if you want to reach a goal.
Now to explain the title of this posting…. the past few weeks I’ve been thinking hard on concentrating more on my modeling goals (i.e., working with as many photographers as possible to update book, send out pics, network more, etc.). At the moment I have two photographers interested in working with me in the next few weeks here in the Orlando area. Just need to polish details and what kind of concepts they want to portray. One the photographers is a friend of mine; Hector Perez. He recently told me that he completely determine in pursuing his dreams as a photographer and producer. So is going to be awesome to see the magic we can create as a team. Also my good friend Desi from San Jose, CA (Zedneram Photography) contacted me about finally working together in a project of his, that he wants me to be part of and I feel very excited and honored to be part of. So soon will be traveling to the Bay Area to work with Desi and also planning if I can get to work with other photographers in that area too.
Feel very determined this time around and really hope to stay motivated to see it happening. Hope everybody has a great rest of week and weekend. Here is a picture of my progress.


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So! It’s been FOREVER….   Leave a comment

….but still here!!!! Just to catch up quickly; as all you know I was trying to bulk up. But after trying so many times, I finally realized my body is not meant to grow. So after much thought, I decided to get back to my shredded self again. True I’ll be loosing weight….but at least I was very happy shredded and I can finally start feeling comfortable doing shirtless shots.

So last month, my good friend and and photographer Michael Huitt told me that he was going to try to come in town so we could work together. Unfortunately for me, he got a fantastic new job and can’t make it this month. Even though I won’t be able to shoot with Michael; I’m still looking forward to work with other photographers so I can finally update my portfolio. Since last month, my friend Alexis gave me a new diet and workout routines to start getting shredded. Here a before after pic


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Take my Poll   Leave a comment

Should I model or Should I stop modeling, that is the question!.

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Take my Poll!   1 comment

I always ask myself….. Sergio, should I keep modeling? Am I wasting my time with modeling? I’ve been interested in modeling for a few years now. Had the chance to work with so many great people…. but sometimes I feel that I’m going nowhere. I know! I know! The Orlando market sucks for being a model and it would be great to try the NYC market for a change…. but I feel that my portfolio doesn’t have what it takes to be noticed. I would love to push my portfolio to that level; but photographers that I would love to work with are in other states. Others in the state of Florida won’t work with me because I don’t have the body to do so. Also there’s the money issues…. can’t travel because can’t afford it or can’t pay photographer because I can’t afford it.

Then, there’s my height and/or my body. I know I can’t do runway and fashion because I’m only 5’10”, so I always discard that option. But then there’s my body progress, I was shredded before but been trying to bulk up and my body always act stupid. LOL But oh well let’s see what happens next.

So I always wonder what everybody really think…. Should I keep modeling or not?

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Ramon Torres Fitness

Come and check out my trainer’s website for more information about training and nutrition. 

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