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Hello my dear followers! Hope everybody is doing well. So just a quick update! Photographer Ashland Thomas sent me a few days ago the proof of the shoot. Sorry can’t post anything…. but just stay tune… as soon I get the edited ones I’ll be sharing them with you. Also my trainer is changing my workout routine to help me build lean muscle…. must be photo ready! I’m really hoping I get to work with other great photographers soon. 


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Hello my followers! Hope you are all doing great. So is been forever since my last post…. between problems at work, getting sick, looking for another job, working out, etc., it has been difficult for me to focus on the blog and other things in general. 

Well for the good part I had the great honor to work again with friend/photographer Adrian Tennant in his studio here in the Town of Celebration. It was such a fun and different shoot! There was lots of jumping, hair moving, and lots of laugh. Pictures came out great. 



Two weeks after my shoot with Adrian Tennant; I finally was able to work with Photographer Ashland Thomas… this shoot was his last here in Florida. He moved to Chicago a few days after the shoot. Because he has to wait till he settles in I have no pictures to show to you at the moment. But it was a great shoot and as soon I get the first pics I’ll be sharing them with all of you. Hope I get the chance to work with Ashland again. 🙂 

In another note; still working out hard with my trainer Ramon Torres. By the way, if you are looking for a good trainer you can visit his website for more information on routines, diets, etc. So come on! Go ahead and visit the link and start transforming your body. 

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So last night I posted some pics of my progress of this week. Very happy on the good response I’ve been receiving, not only on Facebook, but directly to my phone. It feels great to look fit again, but still need to shred more. Want to look my very best. I’m suppose to have a shoot this weekend with Wardrobe Designer Azucar; but haven’t heard from him… I know he was feeling under the weather recently so it might not happen this weekend. But that won’t stop me from working hard on my physique.

During the past few days I’ve been applying an instant self-tanning lotion just to see if I get some color…. I did get some color but it looks bad. Yuck!!! I guess is lemon scrub until I’m back to my regular pale skin. LOL Changing the topic…. I got to chat with my friend Desi Hyter (Zedneram) the past few days; I really want to go to San Jose, CA again so we can finally finish our shoot and maybe get the chance to work with other amazing photographers… but sadly that has to wait.

Well my friends here are the pics I took yesterday and posted on facebook last night. Tell me what you think about them. And don’t hesitate in clicking follow this blog 😉




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Hello my followers. Hope you all are having a great week so far. So yesterday I posted on my Facebook this week’s progress picture and I’m very happy how my body is changing. Still working out 7 days a week, keeping with my diet, and Ramon (trainer) keeps pushing me hard at the gym.

In the modeling part…. Wardrobe stylist Francisco Azucar contacted me to work in a shoot for his swimwear collection. I feel privileged that I can get the chance to work with him again. I have to say; I feel a bit nervous. It’s been a while since my last Photoshoot so I feel rusty. I’ll do my very best to get in perfect shape for this shoot.

Now in regards of my hair….no people I won’t be cutting my hair short!!! True! I do look good with short hair, but I will end up looking the same all the time. It is very important to be versatile in looks. I really want to be able to look different and not to end up looking the same all the times like so “models” I’ve known.

Here is the picture I took this week. Hope you like it. Tell me what you really think.


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Yes! You read right!!!! I decided to move my blog into this site. Hope you like it. Well what in the heck I’ve been doing lately? Well as most of you know…. since last year I’ve been trying to bulk up and it’s been a roller coaster ride. By trying to “bulk up” meant to sacrifice the “shredded look”; so I’ve been in hiatus from modeling… and unfortunately loosing great opportunities to work with wonderful people and paid gigs. Back in the first week of June my photographer friend Christopher Oakley visited the area and wanted to work with me; but I wasn’t ready physically and so we decided to postpone the photoshoot until I was ready and happy. I was very frustrated and after posting a picture on Facebook on June 5th that’s when I realized something has to change so I can get back to my fit self and be camera ready. So in the past month or so, my friend Alexis changed my diet and supplements and on top of working out hard with my trainer Ramon Torres, I’ve been posting weekly progress pictures. Here is comparison picture before pic (June 5th) vs after pic (July 3rd). So tell me what do you think of my progress at the moment?

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Hello Everybody! Hope everybody is having a great day today! Just a few more days to go for the weekend! Please!!!! Hurry Up! LOL So let’s talk about my body progress…. Training with Ramon is going great! Definitely he still pushes me to do better. He recently changed my training from “bodybuilding workout” to more “strength workout” So let’s see how good I do. What about my weight? Well I decided to stop worrying about that….Is making me very frustrated to see it go up and down…. so decided to change my diet to a cleaner one… knowing that my good friend Alexis is busy in the road working…. so I went back to the diet I used to do in the beginning when I first met him, difference is that is more quantity. Still taking my light weight gainer.

So as you all read on my Facebook page; I had my first photoshoot of the year with I-Chus; they are a boutique shoe company located in the Orlando area. I was approached to work with them because they are introducing a men’s line…. and I was honored to do so. Here are some of the pics for the company store.

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It’s been a while……but I’m still here!   1 comment

Yes! Just like I said; I’m still here! What has been happening this past few weeks? Well, been working out hard at the gym; going 4 days a week. Training hard with Ramon Torres; in which he’s been changing my routines frequently making it challenging for me. People are noticing changes in my body, in which is awesome. Today’s weigh in was 162.5 lbs. 

Changing the topic of my fitness…. today I was suppose to have a photoshoot with my friend and photographer   Adrian from Tennant Photography; unfortunately he had an accident and sprained his ankle, so the photoshoot has been postponed. But not to worries! Next weekend I will be having another photoshoot in which I’ll be talking about for next posting. So Stay Tuned!!!!! 
And to finish my post for this week! Last Wednesday I went to my favorite Hair Stylist Luisa Valdes for a haircut and my first Keratin Blowout treatment! My hair is still long, but very smooth and easy to manage now. Love it! So here is two pics I just took in front of my bathroom mirror. LOL Hope you like and don’t hesitate to comment. And yes!!!! I know!!!!! I need to shave! LOL 

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